AACD 2016 (29 Sept-2 Oct)
International Conference: 10th Aegean Analytical Chemistry Days


Accommodation has been arranged at three star hotels by ANZAC Hotel*** situated in Çanakkale city centre. Participants will make the reservations themselves. Please contact ANZAC Hotel***  (www.anzachotel.com) direct. 


Special price of Anzac Hotel***, Grand Anzac Hotel*** and other three star hotels in the city centre for AACD2016. 

Single room + breakfast 90 TL/day
Double room + breakfast 130 TL/day (room price)
Triple room + breakfast 165 TL/day (room price)


Some views of Anzac Hotels

Exterior View                         : http://www.anzachotel.com/exterior-view.htm  

Rooms and Bathrooms          : http://www.anzachotel.com/rooms-bathroom.htm        

Lobby and Cafe                     : http://www.anzachotel.com/lobby-cafe-common-areas.htm     

Restaurant                            : http://www.anzachotel.com/restaurant.htm


Some views of Grand Anzac Hotels

Exterior View                          : http://www.grandanzachotel.com/grand_anzac_hotel_exterior_view.htm                      

Rooms and Bathrooms           : http://www.grandanzachotel.com/grand_anzac_hotel_rooms_bathrooms.htm              

Lobby and Cafe                      : http://www.grandanzachotel.com/grand_anzac_hotel_lobby_cafe_common_areas.htm

Restaurant                                : http://www.grandanzachotel.com/grand_anzac_hotel_restaurant.htm



Alternatively, participants can reserve rooms at Arthur Hotel*** (http://www.hotelartur.com.tr), Akol Hotel**** (www.hotelakol.com.tr) at the Çanakkale city centre or at Kolin Hotel***** (www.kolinhotel.com) near Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Terzioğlu Campus. 


Price of Arthur Hotel*** 

Standart Single room + breakfast

Corner Single room + breakfast

Delux room

160 TL/day

 220 TL/day

260 TL/day

Standart Double room + breakfast

Corner Double room + breakfast

Delux double room

240TL/day (room price)

300 TL/day (room price)

360 TL/day (room price)


Please contact by e-mail info@hotelartur.com.tr



Price of Akol Hotel****

Single room + breakfast 150 TL/day 
Double room + breakfast 200TL/day (room price)
Triple room + breakfast 270 TL/day (room price)


Price of Kolin Hotel***** 

Single room + breakfast 200TL/day
Double room + breakfast 160TL/day for one person
Triple room + breakfast 140 TL/day for one person


Do NOT forget to give the name of the congress during reservation. There will be shuttle services provided by the congress between the every hotels and the Troia Cultur Center.